Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wedding - Memory Quilt

An eclectic Wedding/Memory Top; QUILTED with Puzzle Piece Meander (freehand)

I woke up feeling alright, but all week I've been dragging by about noon. You ever feel like you're burning the candle at both ends? Yeah that's me... for about the last 20 years. lol 

So even though this quilt loaded fine & went quickly, it also felt like it was taking forever! When in reality one of the blessings/curses of working from home most days is that while I'm home I can do other things too. So after quilting a couple rows I might quickly do a household chore, switch laundry loads, spend some time gabbing with one of my gang, etc. Doing it this way, a quilt that would take about 3 hours to quilt can span the entire day. I don't quilt all the time like this, but since today was a long quilting day (no working outside the home, no running errands, and no homeschooling) I guess I felt like I could get away with it. It all gets done in the end, but I'm starting to wonder if I just shouldn't get the quilting done, like BAM, and then go onto other chores or other quilts even. 

I might start probing other quilters to see how they work best... the "BAM method" or the "sprawling all day" method. 

In other news, we here in Lancaster, PA, are gearing up for another wintery weather week...

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  1. No MORE SNOW!!!! PLEASE! And the quilt is lovely! lol You do such beautiful quilting work!