Monday, September 1, 2014

Pastel Rails

If I remember correctly, this one was made for a granddaughter! So cheerful!

This one is QUILTED with Bubble Meander (freehand)

Sept 1 brings about a renewal of time-committment for me. After having a more free-float summer schedule, it's time to figure out how to mesh working at home AND outside the home with homeschooling. It's a juggling act to be sure.

It'll be my last year homeschooling. Bi-polar feelings galore over that one! I truly love planning the subjects, learning or relearning things along side a child, but the best part of it is spending time with my favorite people in the world.

I'll miss the one-on-one, the side-tracked, heart-to-heart talks that burst forth spontaneously during school time. But I'll admit, too, that there's a small part of me that's excited by the prospect of reclaiming that time. Enormous amounts of time going into thinking it all through before & during the school year, the endless grading, keeping one step ahead of reading subjects like Chemistry or Anatomy/Physiology to aid in somewhat intelligent conversations with a daughter, researching supplements that go with lessons (like field trips or other experiences), gathering all the curriculum & learning how it can run and then deciding how it'll run for us. It's like an gigantic jigsaw puzzle. OMGosh I love it!!! 

I've been helping my kiddos with school for 20 years! Even the years they spent in "real school" took enormous amounts of time: adhering to schedules, studying for tests & plays, shuttling to/from activities or sports, making sure uniforms/bookbags/shoes could be found. Just think how much time it all takes! Our entire days revolve around those school schedules. 

And next year mine won't. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Braid in a Day in Browns & Cream

Braid-in-a-Day quilt in Browns & Cream

QUILTED with Single Reverse Loop Meander (freehand)

Today marks my 100th post for The Longarm Lady! 

I think I'll leave it at that~ I wish there were more posts than there are for the duration of time, but well, life is all up in there.

If you'd like to check out where I was writing & sharing before this blog, check out Montie's Mom Talks Turkey. I'll forewarn you before you head over, what started as a life-sharing & grief outlet gradually became my quilting blog. So if you go there looking for pure eye candy you may be a tad disappointed; for over there is a fair share of family & doggie pics as well as some heavy/sad topics. Enter at your own risk :) 

But then do come back here!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Crazy Patch Pastels Quilt

QUILTED with a Daisy Meander (freehand) 

There's something about this quilting pattern I love. Simple yet sophisticated! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Subtle Patriotic Quilt

Quilted in Stars & Loops Meander (freehand)

Is anybody else panicking about hitting mid-July?? In the midst of a quilting session yesterday, I was struck   **as in panicked**   that we'd hit the middle of July, and I've yet to begin planning for Morgan's senior year!! 

Okay, that's a slight exaggeration. We've been talking about what she'll work on next year since the middle of last year, so I've done some mental preparation & I have most of the books, etc., we'll be needing as well. 

No, I'm talking about the physical act of sitting with each subject, each book, and devising a plan of attack. Sure she can DO most of the work on her own at this point, but she needs direction; there needs to be a basic plan of how each book/curriculum works. So that's what I'm supposed to be working on. For some of them I need to plot out those plans in some typed or written form. Things are omitted & extra things are added. Others require study guides to be worked up. But I think there's a book or two that she can just work in order without too much prep work from me. 

I wrote this to my best friend this morning: 

Summers are never the relaxing span of freedom in time & space that we hope for. I think something is ingrained in our brains that equates summer with blissful leisure that's left over from our childhoods. Only problem being that once we hit adulthood, that flies right out the window!!!

Perhaps I can just choose to see my summer as half full instead!? 

Happy Hump Day :)

Garden Meander Quilt

A simple Meander stitch done freehand on this Garden Quilt: