Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Appliqué flowers

Applique Flowers Top; QUILTED with Single Reverse Loop Meander (freehand)

This one does lend a hint of spring, no? I don't think we're "there" yet though. Our air has gotten cold again & we're looking at some snow flurries for today. No matter, the beastly lab & I got our morning walk in & the crisp air felt wonderful! 

I finally feel like I've "woken up" from my after-Christmas-daze, and I'm full-steam-ahead on new plans & goals for the upcoming year. I don't think too hard on New Year's resolutions, because really by that point in time, my brain is fried from quilting & holiday overload! 

I do, however, think of yearly goals at the beginning of the new year, and during January I start to slowly implement a few new habits. The first habit I began was taking some time every morning to write a little bit. These spewing thoughts are not for the public but for me, and maybe they'll get used some day & maybe not. It's become part of a larger devotional time that keeps growing. 

The other personal goal I've begun is my daily stitchery challenge. You can find pics of all my stitchery doodles under the tab under my cover photo. I wanted to challenge myself to create something every single day. A few huge obstacles had stymied my creativity, and I'm helping me get the mojo back!  That sounded like a little bit 'o bad grammar, but it is what it is... 

The next few goals have more to do with gifts & business, and they'll be revealed as I can :)

Happy Tuesday!

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