Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Repurposing a Sweater

Repurposing a sweater deemed "ugly" by my girls, gotten from a thrift store for about $1

The bottom/foot part is cut from the body of the sweater, and the arms of the sweater furnish the leg parts for the socks.

My blanket stitch needs work, however, they're cozy regardless!

See this tutorial for instructions on how to make your own.

Since I had more sweater left over after making the socks, I utilized this tutorial for instructions on making mittens.

Helpful hints...

The socks should be made a bit smaller than the instructions indicated.

Should have made the mittens a bit bigger than the instructions indicated.

A tighter woven sweater will be sturdier for using the blanket stitch.

You can sew the edges with a stabilizing stitch on your sewing machine.

Decorative hand-stitching could be added.


  1. Great idea!
    Have you ever tried washing a wool sweater and use that? I know a lady does that for her mittens. Her mittens were really nice looking. She lined them with polar fleece.

  2. Cool -- what a great idea for only $1!!

  3. Thanks ladies! The sweaters I found were wool blends, so I washed/dried them, but they didn't have the felting that a full-blown wool would've had. I'll be keeping my eyes open for 100% wool sweaters now though. I like the idea of using polar fleece as a liner!