Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bargello Quilt

                  WOW isn't this quilt stunning?? Some day I really want to make one, but for the time being I was placated to play with it ... eh hem, I mean quilt it like a professional :) 

It was QUILTED in a semi-custom way with ruler work to accentuate the lines of the colors & some basic freehand in the black areas.

Take note of the outer orange stripe. It's not simply a tiny border accent but rather a flange detail. I wish I'd gotten a closer shot of that to show it off properly. 


Another beauty I was honored to work on!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tree of Life Quilt

Tree of Life Quilt Top; QUILTED Semi-Custom (freehand)

I love the symbolism held within this quilt & the beauty of it's lines. 

It's a complete honor to work on another person's artistic expression! To work on a gift that commemorates a union, a beloved father's passing, a new baby, or a graduation fills me with emotion. These are LIFE CHANGES & I'm helping savor that. Wow. 

I take time to absorb the colors the quilt maker chose, sometimes knowing it's their favorite colors or the recipient's favorite colors. Memory quilts are often filled with t-shirts that give a flavor of the deceased loves, their past times, & hobbies, the jeans they wore, or the brands they favored. 

Sometimes the quilts are just for fun, silly, quirky, but again, you catch a glimpse of the humor or loves of the maker and/or the recipient. The stories I hear, the tones I feel from the quilts are so very precious to me. 

I feel extremely blessed to do what I do. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Purple Geometric Quilt

Unfortunately I don't know the name of this pattern either. Please forgive me! Many of my quilts are dropped off at one of two quilt shops, so I don't always get to ask information directly. 

No matter, the colors are fun!

This geometric top was QUILTED with Puffy Heart Meander (freehand.) 

I missed most of the sweltering hotness of today working at Stitch & Craft in Manheim. When I got out of work at 5pm, it was warm on the skin but not suffocating like I was expecting. And NOT suffocating on the way home from work is a good thing :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ribbons & Bows Quilts

Both quilts are QUILTED with Ribbons & Bows Meander (freehand) 

I feel like I'm finally getting back on track after our spring marathon of birthdays & holiday celebrations. Days are more "normal", I'm getting some sewing done besides quilting & homeschooling, and I'm not completely exhausted ALL the time :) 

Now if I could just wrap up the end of this homeschool year, I'll feel like I can "reset"!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Leafy Swirl Quilt

Can anyone tell me the name of this quilt pattern? I've looked to no avail!

Anyway, the unidentified top is QUILTED with Leafy Swirl Meander (freehand)

Has summer hit your neck of the woods? It felt pretty summery out here in Lancaster PA,  today! Our lab has been in his glory jumping in the pool over & over to retrieve his toy. I'm still out there trying to make the pool area look presentable. The table/chairs are out, but they still need a good scrubbing, there's weeding to do, and installing the pool railings to attend to. 

Since it's supposed to rain tomorrow morning, I should get in some good quilting time, and then the younger daughter and I will be working on her homeschool portfolio. Before I can jump full-steam into summer, I still have the school year to wrap up with grading, report card, and the dreaded portfolio. Actually, I have the portfolio assembly down to a science after all these years, but it's time-consuming none-the-less. 

I'm still behind in posting quilt pictures, so keep checking back :-)