Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finally... Some Eye Candy!

Goodness, where has January gone?? Here today, gone tomorrow... literally!

I won't blather on & on today, as I attempt to start catching up on what's been going on 'round here since the new year began:

First up: Crazy Kite Flannel Top; QUILTED Leafy Swirl Freehand

Next we have have this Purple/Orange/Leaf Square Top; QUILTED Wide Freehand

Thirties Stars Top; QUILTED Party Hearts Panto

Baby Animals Top; QUILTED ABC Meander Freehand

I've finished some others but have come to realize they still need to be downloaded onto the computer. Soon, very soon....

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Blog for a New Year!

I hope you didn't have any trouble finding me?? You may wonder why the switch? I'd been contemplating it for some time, due to the nature of this past year's content. 

Back when I started my original blog, Montie's Mom Talks Turkey, I was still reeling emotionally after my son's passing; thus the namesake. I poured out my heart in grief during those early days of that blog and lamented over this other version of my life as it'd come to be. 

I felt like a puddle of melted clay with no form, not knowing what to do with myself day to day, other than survive: eat something sometimes, feed my family, clean messes, do laundry, fitfully doze & cry through the night.

Slowly, ever-so-slowly, life began to take it's shape without Montie. Or perhaps more accurately, life began to take shape without Montie physically holding my hand or depending on me for anything, but always on my mind & in my heart.

He passed March 19, 2009, so we're nearing the 4-year mark. It still feels like 100 years ago & at the same time feels like yesterday. The strong memories & emotions have not dulled but rather, we've gotten more adept at handling them, at talking to them, and at continuing what looks to be a normal (ish) pace of life. 

And so my blog morphed with me... from grieving, to crying out in angst over my new Lab puppy, into homeschooling, out of homeschooling, and into a professional quilting career.

It just so happened, as 2012 was nearing it's end, I was notified that I was out of storage space for Montie's Mom Talks Turkey & so that if I wanted to share any more photos, I'd have to pay for an upgrade. And I'm not being entirely cheap here, really! But it just seemed to be the last nudge to finally switch the blog over to something more quilting related. 

That's the long & the short of it. I promise to start updating my finished client quilt pictures & my first stitchery project of the new year very soon! I just wanted to get this started~ it feels like forever & a day since I've blogged last!! 

I hope you're all starting 2013 with a sense of renewal in your goals and in your commitments to finding happiness & joy in the everyday ventures that make up the patchwork of our lives :)