Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year with a New Look

My blog suffered at the hands of Blogger. 

The very important feature of linking my client quilt list with actual posted pictures has been done away with, and thus far, I've not figured out how to replicate it entirely without creating a whole new website. And I'm not willing to do that yet (but maybe next year.) 

I rebelled & thought ignoring my blog until this issue was "fixed" would be a good idea, and then days turned into weeks, I fretted, consulted trouble-shooting, but still it's not fixed. 

Now a new year is upon me & I feel like I've thrown away such an opportunity to show so many of the beautiful quilts that came my way for Christmas gifts. 

My goal is to just start blogging now & I'll include a "throw-back" quilt here & there as time allows. 

And the first quilt of the year:

Around the World Top; QUILTED with Swirls & Curls Freehand

I wish you a Happy New Year
full of prosperity & love.

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