Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lighted Christmas Tree Quilt

Ideally I would've had this done last month, but well... you know how it goes, right? It was QUILTED for Christmas, but I didn't have time to bind it or make the little battery pack holder for the back in time to actually hang it for Christmas. 

QUILTED with Snowflake Swirl Meander (freehand) 

It's just a panel but I actually quilted something for me :)

I'll have to figure out someway to make it drape flatter. The quilt itself lies flat but all the wires & lightbulbs behind it are distorting the drape.  I thought about hand-tacking the wires on the back, but the dang lightbulbs are about 1.25" long which makes them awkward for tacking down. If anyone has a suggestion, I'd love to hear it! 


  1. No suggestions -- the only one I finished was given as a gift and I don't know how she is coping with the lack of flatness. Taylor did do some tacking of the wires down -- but mostly to keep things in place.
    Looks AWESOME!!!! :)

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    1. Hey Denise, I actually purchased several of these trees to make as Christmas gifts. You guessed it! I didn't even get started! Yours is beautiful! I was not able to purchase the lights when I bought the panels, they were out. Do you still have the paperwork for the lights? Maybe I could get them online. I too, am curious about having the quilt hang flat. Hopefully someone will have a good suggestion for you! Keep me posted!

  3. Actually, Kathryn got this panel/lights for me. I thought I saw the panels in the Keepsake Quilting catalog, but I don't remember if the lights are sold separately. Sorry!