Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Braid in a Day ~ Lime

Lime Braid-in-a-Day Top; QUILTED with Leafy Swirl (freehand)

Lori's vibrant color choices were a pleasure to work on!

Soooo I've been to Paducah, and after the build-up & anticipation, I still ended up feeling like a kid on Christmas morning when I got there. There was no let-down, and I wouldn't say it was overwhelming in the sense that I couldn't take it in, but more I couldn't fit everything in during our allotted time down there. 

I have many pictures I look forward to sharing, but while I'm working on a bit 'o editing & weeding out what's "too much", I thought I'd show a few quilts that were actually done before I left! 

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