Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mauve Sampler & Braid in a Day Quilts

Mauve Sampler Top; QUILTED with Triple Loop Meander (freehand)

Braid in a Day Top; QUILTED with Daisy Meander (freehand)

Is anyone experiencing Spring yet? We've had a couple of "teaser days", but we're back to being rainy & raw out there today.

I haven't shared a silly dog story in a little while. So even though it was raining a bit this morning I decided to head out with Smokey the Lab for a morning walk anyway. He's a water dog, right? I grabbed my umbrella from the car & off we went. All was good until we got about a mile from home, and the wind picked up, and my umbrella went inside out on me & poor Smokey got startled & tried to bolt. I hung on, lame umbrella flapping in the wet breeze. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), the wind was pretty steadily gusty, and so by positioning it just right, it righted itself with a loud fwap. 5 minutes more & the rain had gone from "raining steadily" to "pouring/pelting cats & dogs". We did an about-face. We started to jog home in hopes of shortening the actual time spent in the rain & I was hoping to keep my poor puppy warmed up. So I come barreling home, round the corner to my road, umbrella popping around spastically as I try to hold onto it even though it's impeding my gait & still being blown around by gusts, huge puffy winter coat/hat/gloves/wet sneakers, slipping in some mud, and of course there's some strange man standing on the Railroad House's front porch watching us splashing home, laughing... sigh... I laughingly explained that it wasn't raining so hard when I left. 

Truth be told I love walking/running in the rain, and I even enjoy the brisk winter walks. I don't enjoy making a spectacle of myself or almost falling down in the mud while a strange man watches :) Such is life (or at least mine!)

Take care & enjoy a Slow Sunday

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