Sunday, March 23, 2014

AQS Lancaster Quilt Show

Had to share pictures of my goodies & some of my favorite quilts seen at the show: 

These two items are unrelated. Some cute snowman fabric & fabric dye, which I'm going to play around with to try to perfect THE PERFECT "tea-stain" effect. So far my efforts have been lack-luster.

I actually bought two kits! I typically avoid kits since I have so much stash; however my felted wool stash is nowhere near my cotton stash, AND that the moment I felt it'd be nice if I could just start now or whenever the whim strikes my fancy!

Oop... three kits (the felted snowman pillow on the left!) & a preprinted stitchery project I picked up for my 17 year old daughter.

On the left is a contender for the yearly Christmas ornament & more lovely stitchery patterns on the right.


Inspiration for back home...

More ornies on the left... and below is a woolen/stitchery combination! HELLO?!??! Stitchery is popping up everywhere!

Now for the eye candy of the completed kind:

The gold coloring of this quilt shows up better in the close up which comes next. Truly spectacular.

The detail is amazing!

I particularly liked the use of crystals in this top.

Have I mentioned how much I love stitchery? Some in these parts would call it embroidery, and I'll acknowledge it IS simple embroidery. In my mind's eye, however, I picture embroidery as more filling, whereas stitchery is more of outlining a picture. 

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