Sunday, March 3, 2013

Last of February Finishes

I turned the calendar page to March with both trepidation & excitement. Now begins the mad-dash through a multitude of birthdays & anniversaries, which will leave me a bit overwhelmed by about June.  At the same time, I see printed on the 20th "First Day of Spring", and I'm eager for sunnier, warmer weather.

No matter my feelings, though, time marches on! 
*no pun intended :)*

This cross-stitched lovely was a joy to work on. I love the combination of hand-stitching of any kind with pieced fabric. 

Cross-stitched Purple Flower Top; QUILTED Leafy Swirl Freehand 

 Shades of Purple Dresden Top; QUILTED Semi-Custom Freehand

Thought I'd show the back on this one because it looked so cool!

In other news, I got new business cards. Now that both the phone number & blog have changed, I figured it was time... 

I don't know why the back shows a shading effect on the word "Provided", but the actual cards don't look like that. You get the drift anyway!

Happy Sunday...

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