Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Few More Finishes

Blue & Purple Center Star Top; QUILTED Leafy Swirl Freehand

Flowers & Animals Flannel Top; QUILTED Leafy Swirl Freehand
(Somehow I forgot -!!- to photograph this one before I folded it up, and since it was a huge bugger, I was too lazy to unfold to have to refold.)

 Modern Folk Rectangles Top; QUILTED Daisy Meander Freehand

The week went quickly, we had some swirling snow but nothing that stuck, and we celebrated Valentine's Day! 

What do you all do for Valentine's Day? Anything? For the last 20+ years it's been mostly about the kiddos. When they were younger, there were heart-shaped breakfasts, Valentine's for friends to write out, and candy/small gifts given. 

For the most part, Hubby & I feel like it's a nonsensical commercial holiday. After all, shouldn't you show the ones you love that you love them EVERYDAY? 

But this year both our girls had dates (when did we all get old enough for THIS????), so hubby & I decided to venture out ourselves. We didn't dare brave the restaurant scene, anti-socials that we are, but we saw a movie, Mama, hit Maggie Moos for dessert, and the icing on the cake was spending some time & money in Barnes & Nobles. I cannot describe properly how thrilling it is for me to peruse the many books, checking out the the backs of the most random titles just because I can, and looking for obscure magazine titles. The smell of books is like my own personal brand of heroine (... if you're a Twihard, you'll get the reference!)

Anyway, instead of getting the girls a bunch of random crap for the holiday, we opted to take them out for a sushi dinner tonight (along with which they got the requisite heart-shaped candy box). It was delicious & I'm stuffed to the gills! 

Can't wait for my Slow Sunday tomorrow!!


  1. Your quilts are beautiful. Can't imagine doing the swirls freehand.

  2. Thanks :) It's really a lot of fun... like drawing with thread.