Monday, February 4, 2013

Personal Projects

Amazingly, I've had a bit 'o time to eek out a few personal projects in between homeschooling & quilting. 

The first is a stitchery piece I made for my BFF. Technically, it was a Christmas present, but it wasn't truly being finished & pushed into it's frame until after the new year began!

I love stitchery *almost* as much as I love quilting!! 

This heart mat was born out of a "Crazy Patch Pillow" class I took at Stitch & Craft. I decided I'd use a mat more than I'd use a pillow (since we ALL know my Lab, Smokey, would probably just get hold of, put his slobber all over & probably knock the stuffing out of it!!)

And finally, my pride & joy: Folded Fabric Christmas Ornaments. A fabulous client from last year gave one of these to me for Christmas, I fell in love & HAD to learn how to make one. One has turned into a few which I'm certain will turn into several dozen. I find them mesmerizingly mellow to work on, but they look fabulous = win win!! 

One of my daughters suggested doing other holiday colors, and so I'm contemplating Easter colors next! 

Unbelievable to think we've already got January behind us!!

What is everyone working on during these cold months??

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  1. I have my stitchery framed by my writing desk so when I am feeling low, I look at it and remember that my BFF is out there and always there for me! It is so beautiful! THANK YOU!