Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tree of Life Quilt

Tree of Life Quilt Top; QUILTED Semi-Custom (freehand)

I love the symbolism held within this quilt & the beauty of it's lines. 

It's a complete honor to work on another person's artistic expression! To work on a gift that commemorates a union, a beloved father's passing, a new baby, or a graduation fills me with emotion. These are LIFE CHANGES & I'm helping savor that. Wow. 

I take time to absorb the colors the quilt maker chose, sometimes knowing it's their favorite colors or the recipient's favorite colors. Memory quilts are often filled with t-shirts that give a flavor of the deceased loves, their past times, & hobbies, the jeans they wore, or the brands they favored. 

Sometimes the quilts are just for fun, silly, quirky, but again, you catch a glimpse of the humor or loves of the maker and/or the recipient. The stories I hear, the tones I feel from the quilts are so very precious to me. 

I feel extremely blessed to do what I do. 

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