Monday, May 19, 2014

Stitchery & Striped Tote Bag

I don't know how many of you knew I was doing a 365-Day Stitchery Challenge? This bag caused me to veer off the prescribed path of which was to be series of 4"X4" stitched pieces (fabric to be 4x4 not the actual stitching.) I wanted a quilted bag desperately to bring to Paducah, and I cranked this sucker out!

The pattern comes from Bareroots & is #75 Sewing Tote and Chatelaine (I just made the tote.)

I made the straps a bit longer so I could wear it across my body which is easier to bear when lugging pounds-worth of fabric for hours at a time :) 
(... or patterns, wool, notions, rulers, etc.)

I've recovered from the aftermath of traveling, then coming back to a backlog of quilts, a mountain of laundry, my hubby's birthday, my older daughter's birthday, and Mother's Day!  

Now I'm in the throes of ending our homeschool year, which means doing the typical lessons to finish things out, but also assembling a portfolio, scheduling an evaluation, then delivering said portfolio with this year's paperwork as well as next year's affidavit to the school district. All the while researching & buying books & curriculum for the upcoming school year. Whew!!

Needless to say, May is VERY busy 'round these parts! I needed a hiatus from stitching daily  but plan to resume June 1st. You can check out what I'd been working on by going to the top of the blog post & clicking on the tab heading "Stitchery Challenge".

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