Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quilts & Homecoming

Somebody best tell Old Man Winter to stay away a little longer! I hear-tell that on Thursday we here in Lancaster, PA will dip down to a high of 49 with a low of 33F!! Excuse me?? No I'd like a little more Autumn please. 

In preparation, I will be digging out the electric blanket as our bedroom isn't attached to our heating ducts (gotta love a 221 year old home!) Then again, it IS becoming the perfect weather to burrow under a quilt!

A little boy's Tool Top; QUILTED Straight-Line Meander Freehand

I don't know what the pattern of this top is, but I thought the colors were so vibrant & I love how it melds together. QUILTED with Paisley Meander Freehand.

Scrappy Paths has the most magnificent amount of fabrics. I was tickled as I kept noticing fabric I, too, own, and so I had to wonder which shop(s) we both are frequenting!
QUILTED Puzzle Piece Meander Freehand.

The back of Scrappy Paths is also scrappy!! 

A self-indulgent picture of my younger daughter looking absolutely beautiful, standing next to her dashing date, ready to head out to their Homecoming Dance!

Until next time... keep warm under a quilt :-)

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  1. I love the quilts! And of course the picture of Homecoming!