Sunday, July 7, 2013

July = Summer! (NQR)

So I have mixed feelings about leaving June behind. Part of me is glad, so very glad, to put the l end of the school year behind, as well as those remembrances that for us mark some sadness.

But leaving June behind does make me calculate that 1/3 of summer is gone! Autumn is my very favorite season, but I hold onto this juvenile ambition of lazy summers spent by the pool & doing "fun things". And, uh, none of that was happening in June, thus my angst at marking 2/3 left to HAVE SUMMER FUN. :)

Today I did just that... finally. I slept in & woke to coffee already brewed thanks to the coffeepot timer! I moseyed into my day catching up online, switched gears taking pictures of things to put through the online yard sale site, and then... YES... I donned my bathing suit (a size smaller than last year's I might add!) & headed out to the pool. 

I spent 2 hours (!) playing with Smokey, hopped in the pool, power-washed the cement & furniture, hopped in the pool, vacuumed the bottom of the pool, and then I just swam around & with the dog. Sat on the edge with my feet dangling in, enjoying the warm sun, but just sitting. I can't remember the last time I just sat when it wasn't out of exhaustion or to give my feet a rest. It was amazing. 

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