Thursday, May 16, 2013

Longarm Littles

I had a string of baby tops come in that had me wondering just a little. I can't help but let my mind wander to whom these quilts will go whence I'm done dabbling. Does this woman who pieced literally have four little ones here or on their way, or are these all being expectantly waited upon? I don't know usually, but it's fun to ponder...

This dark pastel top has a combination of Bunnies & Ducks that's been quilted with a simple Crazy-Eight meander.

While this top has a similar color scheme as the first, it's theme is strictly Peter Rabbit, which I quilted with a ribbon meander.

Switching over to what seemed like more of a boy theme, we have a top with a variety of baby animals that got a simple meander.

And last but not least was this puppy-themed top, also quilted with a simple meander.

In case you're wondering, the open meander quilting lends itself to a softer drape more immediately. Yes, quilts soften up with washing regardless, however, a denser quilting will produce less movement until those fibers loosen up from use and/or lots of washing.

This isn't the only reason I quilted them as such, or that so many quilts get the larger meander, but rather one of the considerations.

Until next time...

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  1. I always enjoy your posts. I love the pictures of the quilts you have worked on, too. I don't believe I showed you pictures of the two quilts I made for Christmas gifts. One was, WOW! Full of life. :) The second, much more simple in nature.

    Denise, life does offer challenges a little too often. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, on Montie's birthday. I can understand that this will be on your heart and mind all day.